Audio/Video Interviews and Speaking Events

It was a pleasure to speak at the Amplifying Her Voice Mother’s Day “In Moms We Trust” summit celebrating moms and women from around the world. I spoke on: Radical Collaboration for Girls – How do we nurture and empower the next generation of young women & girls

An online conference for Christian TCKs May 22-23, 2021
Registration link forthcoming.
Link to recording . Rachel and I shared our insights on friendships and romantic relationships and the university transition for consultants and educators to be better equipped to support young people’s transition to university.

Such an amazing chat with Stewart and Yuchen on Culture Cast!
Louise Wiles of Thriving Abroad interviewed me about TCK Teen Transitions
Such a fun chat with Sophia, podcast host of Floaters!
A Valentine’s Day Interview with Momentizing
Fabienne Vailes and I speak about TCKs and Education in this podcast episode.
This was such a fun afternoon recording with Jerry and Chris!
Thank you to TCKTraining for hosting me on a workshop. Contact Lauren to purchase this workshop recording!
SO FUN to be featured on Ben’s show!
Lovely to be featured on Jen’s podcast!
I, along with my NAFSA Global Nomad/Third Culture Kid Specific Interest Group co-chair leader, Brian White of Lewis & Clark University, host Chris O’Shaughnessy for a 1-hour long panel about how to support Third Culture Kids transitioning in 2020. Here we are at the Global Nomad/TCK SIG open meeting at the NAFSA Conference 2019 in Washington, D.C.
Thank you for the feature, Calvin!
Daniela and I chat about TCK teens and transitions!
I love being on the Board of Directors of the Families in Global Transition organization. Check out my interviews with my fellow directors on YouTube. This recording gives a snapshot about the Nominations Process 2020
When I contracted with Kaleidoscope, a TCK organization serving primarily Missionary Kids, I did an IGTV episode on “Good Grief.” Check it out!
Thanks for the chat, Stephen!
Amazing opportunity to speak with Sundae. She’s one of my interculturalist idols!
This was a fun recording!