Hello; Sziasztok; Bonjour; Guten Tag!

As the daughter of a former U.S. diplomat, I identify as a Global Nomad (Adult Third Culture Kid); and with my extensive international experience, I have a global perspective and demonstrate cross-cultural sensitivity. I have lived in ten countries (in order of moves: USA, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, and currently in USA), 5 U.S. states (in order of moves: Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, Washington D.C., Michigan), and have visited over 30 countries.

I am an intercultural communication specialist and trainer. This title and the professional skill sets related to it have been applied in different ways over the past ten years specifically in the Third Culture Kid and transnational education space. I co-founded a nonprofit organization called “Intercultural Transitions” (www.interculturaltransitions.org) in which my co-founder and I envisioned serving our university-bound diplomatic TCK communities worldwide. I am also an independent consultant with several organizations that serve Third Culture Kids.

I have presented my (A)TCK research at multiple conferences including Families in Global Transition , SIETAR-USA, NAFSA, IMI, and CIES. I hold a MA in Intercultural and International Communication from American University, and a MA in Strategic and Business Communication from The American College of Greece.  

My Heartbeat: (A)TCK stories, international student engagement, intercultural leadership development, pre-departure/reentry training.

To invite me to speak at one of your events, please email me at megancnorton@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!